Elevator phone have multiple code requirements. As a general rule we recommend all building owners understand the following elevator telephone code requirements: All elevator telephone(s) needs to meet ADA, ASME and IBC code requirements and must not require voice communication. When purchasing elevator phones look for the following features:

Emergency phone equipment must be fully ADA compliant.

Non volatile memory, Remote or On-Site Programming capabilities and phones that are highly immune to induced voltage surges.

Emergency phone equipment must include visual and communication signals for hearing impaired individuals.

Emergency telephone that employ "positive acknowledgment" technology. Not fooled by answering machines.

Does the elevator phone work if the power goes out
Yes. Depending on your model your elevator phone is either powered by the telephone line or by a battery back up
Elevator Telephones & Monitoring
What are the elevator phone code requirements
What elevator phone monitoring service would you recommend for my buildings elevator phones
If your building does not have a building attendant (building employee, watchman, etc.) available 24 hours a day to answer emergency elevator phone you will need an elevator phone monitoring service. When selecting an elevator telephone monitoring service make sure they have a good reputation and have been in business for many years. We recommend you also select a company that will warranty your elevator phones even if you did not purchase your elevator phones from their company. This can save you up $350.00 if you need to have your elevator phones replaced. phones even if you did not purchase your elevator phones from their company.
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Why are elevator cellular phone line safer than conventional land lines
Most elevator companies advocate using cellular phone lines whenever possible. The majority of elevator passenger entrapments are caused by power outages and standard land lines are often susceptible to disrupted communications. Cellular communications make sense because in most cases are more dependable than land lines phone connections especially in the event of power outages and natural disasters such as earthquakes.
Where can I purchase elevator telephones, cellular phone landlines and elevator monitoring services
We recommend MyLinkLine Communications. This company has been in business for over 20 years and offers all the elevator communication products you will need to meet ADA and building code requirements. This site also offers a low price guarantee and they will beat any competitor price by 5% (including shipping costs) on most items even up to 30 days after your purchase.

What is an elevator cellular phone line and how can it save me money
A cellular device is quick and easy to install and interfaces well with existing emergency phone equipment. A cellular telephone line will increase reliability and provide substantial savings over conventional monthly land line charges. The cellular device is quick and easy to install and interfaces well with existing emergency phone equipment and include a battery backup for additional dependability. The cellular phone line will replace your dedicated elevator phone land-lines and can save you over $150 per year.
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